EIT Digital Accelerator: the female-led European Deep Tech landscape

Encouraging more female entrepreneurship could create 10.5 million jobs in the EU by 2050. Yet many founders are facing challenges in access to funding and support to scale their businesses. Highlighting the role models of female entrepreneurs is important to enable the ecosystem to unleash the human capital.

In 2019, EIT Digital Accelerator launched the first edition of the European Female-Led Deep Tech Startup & Scaleup Landscape with the aim to highlight successful deep tech ventures led by female founders. Building up on that initiative, in 2020 they’ve teamed up with Dealroom to build a more comprehensive and interactive landscape.

The landscape includes European companies with a female co-founder arranged by the five deep tech categories, strategically chosen with respect to major digital trends and European leadership potential: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Finance and Digital Wellbeing.

This landscape comprises only active companies which raised more than €2M in funding or showed revenue over €1M, have HQ in one of the European countries, and their solution includes an element of deep tech.

The 88 startups included in the landscape raised almost €1B and a median of €6M. They employ almost 6000 people, with a median size of almost 34 employees. The most represented countries are: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France and Sweden.

2019 edition of the landscape can be found here: http://bit.ly/34EXDuH

Read a full overview of the landscape here: http://bit.ly/3aGYDlN

If you’re a deep tech startup with a female founder or co-founder and want to be included in the Landscape, please contact EIT Digital Accelerator here: http://bit.ly/Landscape_Female-led_scaleups

Made by

  • Lorenzo Chiavarini
  • Giuseppe Oppedisano
  • Orla Browne
  • Maria Boychenko