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The world is experiencing a significant transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is revolutionizing life as we know it, enabling manufacturers to monitor and exchange production status in real time. Serving as a powerful tool to address global connectivity and challenges like climate change and improving health care, IoT is shaping the future.

floLIVE is a global technology company that provides innovative connectivity solutions to the IoT industry. The company offers the largest hyperlocal data network, providing centrally managed local connectivity for any device anywhere.

Services supply users with direct network access, connectivity control, device monitoring, access to real-time events, the possibility to switch operators remotely, and seamless device performance.

As enterprises continue to move towards IoT-facilitated digital transformation, connectivity needs are evolving. floLIVE provides seamless global cellular connectivity with its cloud-based platform that manages connectivity, billing, and core network operations fully designed for IoT that optimizes performance.

This platform brings the power of cloud computing to enterprise data centers, offering a secure, low-latency, and high-speed network experience. Furthermore, floLIVE offers a Global IoT Network as-a-service (LTE/5G), designed specifically for narrowband, battery-operated device-to-cloud use cases adding higher quality, better availability and tighter security than ever before, without the operational headaches or lengthy timelines.

The company operates in the IoT market, serving a diverse range of clients that include:

• Global enterprises- floLIVE provides a fully automated service for global enterprises with a unique, patented SIM bootstrap technology that enables devices to be activated anywhere in the world and receive connectivity services through a local carrier, to overcome permanent roaming restrictions. Through a unified panel we provide control, flexibility and security needed for building tomorrow’s global enterprise IoT solutions.

• Mobile Operators- floLIVE provides the only solution for telecom that expands IoT services globally, reducing operational complexities and reducing TCO. The IoT management suite comprises four main building blocks: Automated Connectivity Management, IoT-oriented LTE/5G Core Network, eSIM Management, and Business Support Systems (BSS), including rating, online charging, advanced billing and invoicing.

• IoT service providers- floLIVE provides improved global management and control capabilities with a single global IoT connectivity provider, eliminating multi-operator complexities. With floLIVE’s IoT solutions, service providers can avoid architectural and roaming limitations and focus on delivering and monetizing value-added services. floLIVE’s platform allows IoT service providers to customize and add products and services to their offering independently, avoiding vendor lock-in, lengthy change requests and lowering costs.

floLIVE's revenue is generated through a pay-as-you-grow model, where clients only pay for active IoT devices, allowing costs to scale with success. This model, combined with the company's advanced microservices architecture, provides clients with the flexibility to pick and choose components and integrate with existing infrastructure, facilitating the rapid and easy growth of global IoT solutions.

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