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Edit is a cutting-edge startup that operates at the intersection of biology and computation. It leverages machine learning to design proteins, a task that is traditionally challenging. The company's unique approach allows it to generate sequences with predicted performance scores, which can significantly reduce time-to-market for its clients. This is achieved by learning from each experimental round, thereby producing better variants each time. serves a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs with bold ideas to established businesses in the fields of therapeutics, chemicals, materials, and food. The company's business model is based on providing a secure and private platform where clients can design proteins while retaining full ownership of their intellectual property. This means that all sequences and data generated on Cradle's platform are kept private and secure, a feature that is highly valued in the industry.

The startup operates in the rapidly growing market of bioinformatics, which combines biology, computer science, and mathematics to process and interpret biological data. By using machine learning, is able to optimize multiple properties and tasks in a single round, a feature that sets it apart from traditional methods. generates revenue by offering its protein design tools and machine learning models to clients. The company's unique value proposition lies in its ability to help clients reach their objectives in half the time, making it a highly efficient solution in the market.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Protein Design, Secure Platform, Intellectual Property, Time-to-Market, Biological Data, Therapeutics, Chemicals, Food.

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