Bluu GmbH

Bluu GmbH

As a pioneer at the interface of biotechnology and food technology, BLUU Seafood aims to produce high-quality and sustainable fish products from cell cultures. These are characterised by a high nutritional value and a first-class flavour profile. Learn more

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$70—106m ( estimates Jun 2023.)
Company register number HRB 218096 B (Charlottenburg (Berlin))
Berlin Germany (HQ)
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Edit is a pioneering startup in the cultivated seafood industry, specifically focusing on creating fish products from fish cells using advanced biotechnology. As the first company of its kind in Europe, aims to revolutionize the seafood market by offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional fishing and aquaculture. The company’s mission is to merge cell biotechnology with food technology to produce nutritious and delicious fish products without harming animals or depleting ocean ecosystems. operates in the burgeoning market of cultivated meat and seafood, which is gaining traction as consumers become more environmentally conscious and seek healthier food options. The company primarily serves health-conscious consumers, environmentally aware individuals, and those concerned with animal welfare. Additionally, targets food retailers, restaurants, and other food service providers looking to offer innovative and sustainable seafood options.

The business model of revolves around the development and commercialization of cultivated fish products. The company leverages proprietary cell lines and over a decade of research to create high-quality fish products directly from fish cells. This process involves growing fish cells in a controlled environment, which eliminates the need for traditional fishing methods and reduces the environmental impact. generates revenue by selling its cultivated fish products to various clients, including grocery stores, restaurants, and food service companies. By positioning itself as a leader in the cultivated seafood space, aims to capture a significant share of the market as demand for sustainable and ethical food options continues to grow.

In summary, is at the forefront of the cultivated seafood industry, offering a sustainable, ethical, and nutritious alternative to traditional seafood. The company’s innovative approach and dedication to environmental stewardship position it well for future growth.

Keywords: cultivated seafood, fish cells, biotechnology, sustainable, ethical, nutritious, Europe, proprietary cell lines, food technology, environmental stewardship.

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