Belharra Therapeutics

Belharra Therapeutics

Belharra Therapeutics is the next generation of small molecule discovery - a company founded by the pioneers of the field of chemical biology. Learn more

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$320—480m ( estimates Jan 2023.)
San Diego California (HQ)
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Belharra is a biotech startup that operates in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the area of drug discovery. The company's primary focus is on the development of drugs that target proteins previously considered "undruggable". Traditional drug discovery methods often focus on specific targets within a controlled environment, but Belharra's innovative approach expands these possibilities. Their platform uses probes to explore the native environment of a cell, without the need for predefined bioassays, a laboratory test used to assess the effects of a substance on a living organism.

Belharra's business model is centered around the research and development of these new drugs. The company's revenue is likely generated through partnerships with larger pharmaceutical companies, licensing agreements, and potentially, the sale of their drugs once approved and commercialized. Their clients would primarily be other businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, and patients suffering from diseases currently considered untreatable.

Belharra's vision is to change the human experience by creating a world where no disease is untreatable. They are currently building a team of innovative scientists who have the knowledge and determination to navigate the challenging waters of drug discovery.

Keywords: Biotech, Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Discovery, Proteins, Undruggable, Bioassays, Research and Development, Licensing Agreements, Healthcare Providers, Untreatable Diseases.

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