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Aquarray is a pioneering startup specializing in Droplet Microarrays (DMA) technology, which is designed for ultra-miniaturized cell-based assays. This innovative technology serves a broad spectrum of clients, including academic researchers, industrial R&D teams, and professionals in personalized medicine. Aquarray operates in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets, focusing on drug discovery and high-throughput screening (HTS).

The core of Aquarray's business model is its patented DMA technology. This platform allows for the synthesis, analysis, and testing of new compounds on a single slide within days. By miniaturizing the process, Aquarray significantly reduces the volume of reagents and cells required, cutting costs and increasing efficiency. This makes it an attractive option for clients who need to perform large-scale screenings quickly and cost-effectively.

Aquarray generates revenue through the sale of its DMA slides and related products, as well as through licensing its technology to other companies. Additionally, they may offer services such as custom assay development and high-throughput screening services, providing a comprehensive solution for drug discovery and research needs.

The company’s technology is versatile, supporting a variety of applications including biological assays, chemical and biochemical experiments, and on-chip synthesis. It is also compatible with different nano liquid dispensers, making it adaptable to various laboratory setups.

In summary, Aquarray is revolutionizing the field of cell-based screening systems with its DMA technology, offering a cost-effective, efficient, and versatile solution for drug discovery and research.

Keywords: Droplet Microarrays, cell-based assays, drug discovery, high-throughput screening, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, miniaturization, cost-effective, versatile, patented technology.

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