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AppriseMed, accessible at, is a forward-thinking startup that specializes in providing AI-based clinical learning and guidelines for healthcare professionals. The company primarily serves doctors and nurses, offering them a quick and easy way to access essential training and clinical guidelines. AppriseMed operates in the healthcare education market, focusing on continuous professional development for medical staff.

The business model of AppriseMed revolves around offering a subscription-based service. Users can sign up to receive free access to guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) algorithms, as well as training modules for Junior and Immediate Life Support (ILS) training, particularly for scenarios involving cardiac arrests. This model ensures a steady stream of revenue while providing valuable, up-to-date educational content to its users.

AppriseMed makes money through its subscription fees, which provide users with access to a range of training scenarios and clinical guidelines. The platform is designed to be repeatable, meaning that upon completing a training scenario, users can start again and follow a different pathway, encountering new clinical challenges each time. This feature not only enhances learning but also keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Additionally, the platform offers performance comparison tools, allowing users to compare their current performance with previous scenarios. This feature helps healthcare professionals track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Users also receive rewards when they reach new milestones in their training, adding an element of gamification to the learning process.

In summary, AppriseMed is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals looking to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge through AI-based training and guidelines. The company’s innovative approach to medical education ensures that users receive high-quality, repeatable training scenarios that keep them engaged and continuously improving.

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