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Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth(36 %)71 %(25 %)(53 %)(14 %)21 %-
% EBITDA margin(14 %)15 %14 %(80 %)(176 %)(45 %)-
% profit margin(156 %)(76 %)(91 %)(183 %)(304 %)(162 %)-
EV / revenue00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x
EV / EBITDA00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x
R&D budget0000000000000000000000000000

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Total Funding000k

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Acobiom is a pioneering company in the field of medical diagnostics, focusing on personalized medicine for cancer treatment. The company is based in Montpellier, France, and has a strong team of experts in biology, bioinformatics, statistics, and finance. Acobiom's primary mission is to develop innovative diagnostic tools that help predict how patients will respond to specific cancer treatments, particularly for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), which accounts for over 90% of pancreatic cancer cases.

One of Acobiom's flagship products is a blood-based diagnostic test designed to identify patients who are most likely to benefit from FOLFIRINOX, a first-line chemotherapy treatment for advanced PDAC. This is crucial because traditional gemcitabine-based chemotherapy is ineffective for a significant percentage of patients, with clinical trials showing that between 77% and 93% of patients do not respond to this treatment. By using Acobiom's diagnostic test, healthcare providers can better tailor treatment plans to individual patients, improving outcomes and potentially saving lives.

Acobiom operates in the biotechnology and healthcare market, serving clients that include hospitals, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The company's business model revolves around the development and commercialization of diagnostic tests. They generate revenue through the sale of these tests, as well as through partnerships and collaborations with other entities in the healthcare sector.

The company leverages its expertise in RNA sequencing (RNA Seq) to control the quality of sequencing data, map these data to reference genomes, and analyze gene expression profiles. This expertise allows Acobiom to develop highly accurate and reliable diagnostic tools.

In summary, Acobiom is a leader in medical innovation, particularly in the field of cancer diagnostics, aiming to improve patient outcomes through personalized medicine.

Keywords: Medical Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine, Pancreatic Cancer, RNA Sequencing, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Chemotherapy, Predictive Biomarkers, FOLFIRINOX, Gene Expression Analysis.

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