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Alexandria Virginia (HQ)
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Our Mission

Spartan is committed to providing business management and information technology solutions to institutions whose core mission is serving people. Partnering with government, non-profit and service organizations to consistently deliver quality, value-added services and provisions that improve efficiency and productivity.

Our Areas of Expertise

Program and Project Management

IT Portfolio Management

Information Assurance and Access Management

Systems Development, Acquisitions and Logistics

Performance and Evidence Based Budgeting

Infrastructure Improvement

Change Management

Career and Technical Training

Our Values

INTEGRITY: Building confidence through trust-based circles of influence

EXPERIENCE: Operating as your brain trust, focused on exceeding expectations

PERFORMANCE: Capability in quantitative and analytical capacities

COMMITMENT: Continuously monitor, re-adjust, improvise and go forward

TEAMWORK: Program partners helping you deliver on your mission

Years of innovative ideas and valued experience led Spartan’s President and CEO, Lorenzo Downing, to a central belief…“Though business is not an exact science, if you create a team of diverse thought leaders and rightfully apply their accumulated experiences and expertise you can continuously create solutions to solve just about any problem.”

- Lorenzo Downing, President and CEO, Spartan Business + Technology