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Seabound is a pioneering startup focused on providing carbon capture solutions specifically for the maritime industry. The company designs and installs compact, low-cost systems on ships to capture up to 95% of their carbon emissions. This technology is crucial as shipowners face increasing pressure from global regulations, customers, and shareholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Seabound operates in the maritime sector, serving shipowners and operators who are looking for immediate and effective ways to manage their carbon footprint. The company’s business model revolves around the sale and installation of its carbon capture systems, which are designed to be simple, compact, and quick to install. These systems convert captured carbon emissions into solid carbonate pebbles, which can be easily offloaded at key ports. The carbonate can then be recycled, sequestered, or sold for fuel production, providing multiple revenue streams.

The company’s technology is fully automated and can be remotely monitored, ensuring minimal disruption to ship operations. This makes it an attractive option for shipowners who need to comply with stringent environmental regulations without compromising on efficiency or incurring high costs.

Seabound was co-founded by Alisha Fredriksson, who has a strong background in maritime electro-fuel startups and climate programs. The team includes experts in various fields such as mechatronics, naval architecture, thermal fluids, and software engineering, ensuring a robust and innovative approach to solving the carbon emission problem in the maritime industry.

In summary, Seabound offers a practical and immediate solution for shipowners to manage their carbon emissions, leveraging advanced technology and a strong team to deliver effective results.

Keywords: carbon capture, maritime industry, shipowners, emissions reduction, compact design, low-cost, automated system, carbonate pebbles, environmental compliance, innovative technology.

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