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Renaissance International is a prominent player in the education technology sector, specializing in student assessment and practice software. Founded in 1986, the company has grown to serve a global market, with a significant presence in the United States where one-third of schools utilize its solutions. Renaissance's primary clients are educational institutions, ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade (pre K-12).

The company's flagship products include Accelerated Reader, Star Assessments, and Freckle. Accelerated Reader is a program designed to encourage and monitor student reading, while Star Assessments provide computer-adaptive tests that measure students' reading and math skills. Freckle offers personalized practice in various subjects, adapting to each student's learning pace.

Renaissance operates on a subscription-based business model, where schools and educational institutions pay for access to its software and services. This model ensures a steady revenue stream, as schools typically renew their subscriptions annually. Additionally, Renaissance leverages its vast database of student performance data to continuously improve its products, making them more effective and appealing to educators.

The company has received numerous accolades for its contributions to education technology, including recognition from the Tech Edvocate Awards and meeting the ESSA Level II evidence requirements. These awards underscore the efficacy and reliability of Renaissance's solutions.

In summary, Renaissance International is a leader in education technology, providing assessment and practice software to pre K-12 schools worldwide. Its subscription-based model and data-driven approach ensure continuous improvement and a steady revenue stream.

Keywords: education technology, student assessment, practice software, pre K-12, Accelerated Reader, Star Assessments, Freckle, subscription model, data-driven, global market.

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