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$35—52m ( estimates Jun 2022.)
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Amsterdam North Holland (HQ)
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Edit is a health-tech startup that offers a unique solution to help individuals manage their stress levels and improve their overall well-being. The company operates in the growing wellness and wearable technology market, serving a broad range of clients who are keen on improving their mental and physical health.

The company's primary product is a wearable device that continuously measures skin conductance, a direct indicator of emotional stress. Using intelligent algorithms, the device learns the user's natural rhythms and stress patterns to determine a personalized "Calm Zone". The device then uses subtle vibrations to invite the user to return to this calm state when stress levels rise.

In addition to stress management, Nowatch also offers features to improve sleep quality. The device tracks sleep stages and wakes the user during light sleep for a more refreshing start to the day. It also provides in-depth sleep reports to help users understand how their sleep patterns affect their daily life and offers tailored advice for improvement.

Furthermore, Nowatch allows users to track their daily habits and understand how their body responds to various activities. This feature helps users discover what habits make them feel better and encourages them to incorporate these habits into their daily routine.

Nowatch's business model is likely based on selling the wearable device and possibly a subscription service for access to advanced features and insights.

Keywords: Wearable Technology, Stress Management, Wellness, Health-Tech Startup, Personalized Calm Zone, Sleep Quality Improvement, Habit Tracking, Intelligent Algorithms, Skin Conductance Measurement, Personalized Insights.

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