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% growth-78 %607 %34 %
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R&D budget0000000000000000
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Valuation: $2.2b

56.4x EV/LTM Revenues

Series D
Total Funding000k

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Edit is a startup that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance workplace productivity and engagement. Its primary offering is an AI-powered search tool that works across all of a company's applications. This tool is designed to serve a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, operating in various markets where efficient information retrieval is crucial.

Glean's business model revolves around its AI technology, which uses deep learning-based Language Model (LLMs) to understand and respond to natural language queries. This means it can understand and process the way humans naturally speak and write, making it easier for users to find the information they need. The AI continuously learns from a company's unique language and context, improving search relevance without the need for manual fine-tuning.

In addition to its search tool, Glean also offers a chat assistant that delivers answers, analyses, and summaries from across all company documents, conversations, tickets, and more. This feature is designed to increase efficiency and reduce the time spent searching for information.

Glean's revenue is likely generated through a subscription-based model, where clients pay a regular fee to access its services. The company also offers hosting options that align with a company's data and security policies, which could provide an additional revenue stream.

In summary, is a tech startup that uses AI to improve workplace productivity by making it easier to search for and retrieve information across a company's various applications.

Keywords: AI-powered search, Workplace productivity, Deep learning, Natural language processing, Chat assistant, Subscription-based model, Data hosting, Information retrieval, Enterprise search, Knowledge graph.

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