Launch date
Market cap
Net debt
Enterprise valuation
$11—17m ( estimates Jul 2022.)
Company register number 32086120
Amsterdam North Holland (HQ)

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Late VC
Total Funding000k

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Gen25 has always been driven by its fascination with technology and customer relations. Since we were founded in 2006, we’ve wanted to show customers there are technology partners who work differently: we’re personal, with both feet on the ground and with an eye for quality. We also feel a strong urge to solve our customers’ biggest challenges with the latest technology.

In the meantime, Gen25 has become the leading technology partner for companies that want to achieve better customer relations and work more efficiently with innovative cloud platforms. We work with more than 50 technology specialists on projects in the Netherlands and abroad, for companies that want to optimize their sales, service and marketing processes.

Although we've grown considerably, our vision is still the same. We prefer to work for customers who want to innovate continuously, just like us, and we work with cloud platforms where we believe the technology can have value in both the short and long term.

Quality is our top priority. That's why companies such as KLM, De Bijenkorf, ABN AMRO, Oger and EF have trusted us for years to improve critical business processes. As implementation partner and software developer, we know the possibilities of cloud platforms such as Salesforce and AWS like no other.

We use our specialist knowledge to help our customers get even smarter. Over the years we've also developed various successful apps that companies worldwide use to get more out of the cloud, including Social25, Booker25 and Subscription25.

How do we do this? Thanks to enthusiastic, flexible and utterly dedicated professionals known for providing cutting-edge technological advice in which optimum collaboration with customers is central. Our team always finds the right solution for customers, no matter how complex the situation. Every day we challenge ourselves to deliver the best results and help customers get the most out of the cloud. Now and in the future.