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Empora Title is a customer-first digital title company that delivers complete transparency and peace of mind throughout the entire title process. Learn more

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$80—120m (Dealroom.co estimates Dec 2021.)
Columbus Ohio (HQ)

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Empora Title is a forward-thinking company revolutionizing the real estate title and closing process through a digital-first approach. Catering primarily to real estate investors, Empora Title offers a streamlined, transparent, and efficient solution for managing property transactions. The company operates in the real estate market, focusing on simplifying the traditionally cumbersome and time-consuming title and closing procedures.

Empora Title's business model centers around its innovative online portal and dashboard, which consolidate all necessary documents, deals, and title information in one accessible location. This digital platform not only enhances transparency but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to close deals. Clients can manage their transactions remotely, with options for virtual closings via Zoom, saving valuable time and resources.

The company generates revenue by providing title and closing services at competitive rates, avoiding many of the unnecessary fees typically charged by traditional title companies. This cost-effective approach appeals to real estate investors looking to scale their businesses efficiently. Empora Title's emphasis on customer service ensures that clients receive personalized support when needed, further enhancing the user experience.

Empora Title's clients include real estate investors, property buyers, and sellers who seek a more efficient and transparent way to handle their transactions. By leveraging technology, Empora Title helps these clients save time and money, making the closing process smoother and more manageable.

In summary, Empora Title is transforming the real estate title and closing industry with its digital-first, customer-focused approach. The company serves real estate investors and other property stakeholders, offering a streamlined, transparent, and cost-effective solution for managing property transactions.

Keywords: digital-first, real estate, title services, closing process, transparency, efficiency, virtual closings, cost-effective, streamlined transactions, customer-focused.

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