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$18—28m ( estimates Jun 2022.)
Company register number 76309983
Amsterdam North Holland (HQ)



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R&D budget0000000000000000
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Bits of Stock is a fintech startup that aims to revolutionize the way financial institutions (FIs) engage with their customers, particularly targeting younger demographics like Gen Z and Millennials. The company operates in the financial technology market, focusing on providing innovative solutions to Community FIs and Credit Unions.

The core offering of Bits of Stock is its Stock Rewards program, which allows FIs to reward their customers with fractional shares of stock for every swipe of their card. Fractional shares are smaller portions of a full share of stock, making it easier for new investors to start building a portfolio without needing a large amount of money upfront. This approach removes the traditional barriers associated with investing, making it more accessible for younger and less experienced investors.

Bits of Stock's business model is subscription-based, where financial institutions pay for the service to integrate the Stock Rewards program into their existing card offerings. The company makes money through these subscription fees, as well as by boosting interchange revenue for the FIs. Interchange revenue is the fee that merchants pay to card-issuing banks for processing card payments. By increasing card usage through attractive rewards, Bits of Stock helps FIs generate more interchange revenue.

The company also offers a customizable Web Application and a full API, allowing FIs to integrate the Stock Rewards program seamlessly into their existing systems. This flexibility ensures that each institution can tailor the program to meet their specific needs and preferences.

In summary, Bits of Stock provides a unique value proposition by enabling financial institutions to attract and engage younger customers through innovative stock rewards. This not only helps in boosting customer loyalty and card usage but also drives significant non-interest income and deposits for the institutions.

Keywords: Fintech, Stock Rewards, Fractional Shares, Gen Z, Millennials, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions, Interchange Revenue, Customizable API, Customer Engagement.

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